Engie sells its image of environmental commitment in the world, but in Brazil, it sets up schemes between mining companies and the State and Federal Government to deflect responsibility for environmental liabilities with major impacts. Located in coastal regions of high environmental sensitivity, including remaining fragments of the Atlantic Forest between the Araucaria of the Plateau forests and the Environmental Preservation Area of interest for a reproduction of the Right Whale on the coast. The region impacted by coal mining, which has been going on for more than half a century, presents serious damages related to the contamination of the soil, water resources and atmosphere.

The impacts and the history of negligence related to them have repercussions on conflicts with other important economic activities in the region, such as rice cultivation, fishing and tourism, as well as on the conflict arising from the demand for a supply of drinking water.

Since 1993, Public Civil Actions have been opened by the Federal Public Ministry to repair the environmental damages in the region, which today amount to around 1.5 billion reais. Meanwhile, Engie has inaugurated a new coal-fired power plant in the neighboring state, with costs of 2 billion reais and power generation potential of just 345 MW. This fact is inconsistent with the urgent need for environmental recovery and a fair transition in southern Brazil and with the disclosure of its sustainability commitments and environmental and social governance programs, “ESG” .

By publishing “The TOXIC LEGACY OF CRIMINAL AND ENGINE – FRAM CAPITAL IN BRAZIL:. Map of Destruction Contamination Generated by Jorge Lacerda Thermoelectric Complex and the Coal Mines that supply” the ARAYARA.ORG and the Observatory Coal Mineral , make public to the world a crime report that exposes the map of environmental contamination and destruction caused by the exploration, processing and burning for energy purposes of mineral coal in the southern region of Brazil.

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